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Tax Season Update–The Opener
January 28, 2022   |   2021 Tax Season, Form 1040, IRS, Refund, Stimulus, Tax Credit, Tax Forms

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IRS started accepting 2021 individual returns on January 24, 2022.  It’s not going to be the same as in prior years. Expect refund delays. As of January 27, 2022 haven’t received any guidance  for return processing time or refunds.

To speed refund delivery:

1. File early

2. File an accurate return.   Verify the Stimulus Payment amount actually received (received January through March 2021 should be $1400 per person unless special circumstances apply. See instructions for 2021 Tax Year Form 1040 Line 30)  OR  the Advanced Child Tax Credit Payment total received. Errors force the IRS to hand process tax returns creating long delays.

3. File the tax return electronically through a reputable provider

4. If possible direct deposit refunds into your account

5. If must paper file, see 1 and 2 above and:

Verify all signatures and attachments are included

Verify the correct mailing address. Some addresses have changed.

Mail via method that allows tracking and confirms IRS receipt (e.g. certified return receipt or delivery confirmation if parcel requirements met)

6. Lastly, if refund is significantly delayed, verify status at www.IRS.gov/refund or via your online IRS account or call 1-800-829 -1040. Expect long hold times when calling and call early in the morning.   Every tax season is different, we’re all in this together.  .

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