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September 28, 2022   |   2022
Energy Jolts, Inflation Bolts, Tax Hikes and Pending Legislation

Energy Jolts. Energy Credit is back. Effective for 2022 –2032 tax years. Part of Inflation Reduction Act of 2022. Requires product availability and affordability. Credit is 30% of purchase price for energy star certified windows, exterior doors, insulation, water heater, biomass stoves, furnace or boiler installed during the year. No credit for Energy Star roof Energy Jolts, Inflation Bolts, Tax Hikes and Pending Legislation

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January 28, 2022   |   2021
Tax Season Update–The Opener

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  IRS started accepting 2021 individual returns on January 24, 2022.  It’s not going to be the same as in prior years. Expect refund delays. As of January 27, 2022 haven’t received any guidance  for return processing time or refunds. To speed refund delivery: 1. File early 2. File an accurate return.   Verify the Stimulus Tax Season Update–The Opener

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December 30, 2021   |   2021
Year End Tax Savings. . . for 2021

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  The year is over tomorrow and taxes were back burnered. . . (no pressure). What to do, don’t want to owe . . . As requested. . . For individuals: Pay outstanding medical bills. Keep track of total medical paid (doctor, hospital, labs, prescriptions, medical mileage, medical insurance paid out of pocket etc) for Year End Tax Savings. . . for 2021

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January 1, 2021   |   2021
Stimulus Payments Part 2

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  As you may have heard, President Trump signed the “COVID Relief Part 4 ( Formally known as  Continuing Appropriations Act of 2021)” into law recently.  Payment amount will be $600 per qualified recipient ($1200 per Married Couple) plus $600 per dependent child claimed on the tax return.  As before, no payments are available for Stimulus Payments Part 2

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August 27, 2020   |   0
IRS Pays ME Interest?!

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Yes, under certain conditions. FOR TAXPAYERS: The IRS must pay interest if the taxpayer’s tax refund is paid more than 45 days after the tax return due date.   Because of the COVID-19 shutdown, some individual taxpayer refunds have interest added.  Extra money from the IRS . . .Yay! Careful: CATCH22!! IRS interest received is taxable. IRS Pays ME Interest?!

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July 22, 2020   |   0
SCAM ALERT—Some of the IRS’s Favorites:

Accountant holding books bag of cash beside him. policeman beside him holding a pair of handcuffs

 Pfishing: Fake emails made to look like coming  from the IRS to steal personal information.  IRS never contacts taxpayers by email.  Don’t click on any “IRS” links Fake Charities—unsolicited contact from questionable charities. Have similar names to legitimate charities to fool people into giving money or financial information. Legitimate charities have an employer identification number SCAM ALERT—Some of the IRS’s Favorites:

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