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May 11, 2022   |   2022
Tax Season and Congressional Legislative Update

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  No new tax legislation seen yet. . .  After tax season housekeeping: Refunds: Running 3-4 weeks. To check the status of your Electronically filed tax return/refund: Phone : 1-800-829-1040 or (call early in morning)       Online: www.irs.gov/refund IRS will NOT release refund information to tax preparer. Ohio refund may come before Federal or IRS refund. Tax Season and Congressional Legislative Update

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October 22, 2020   |   0

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  Currently choice is one of the buzzwords.  Usually it refers to something I don’t agree with. However, when it comes to personal freedom and governmental affairs I want: A choice to select the exact health insurance coverage I need and can afford. Choice denied under Obamacare. For example, I don’t need maternity care and I WANT A CHOICE TOO—Editorial

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