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July 22, 2020   |   0
SCAM ALERT—Some of the IRS’s Favorites:

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 Pfishing: Fake emails made to look like coming  from the IRS to steal personal information.  IRS never contacts taxpayers by email.  Don’t click on any “IRS” links Fake Charities—unsolicited contact from questionable charities. Have similar names to legitimate charities to fool people into giving money or financial information. Legitimate charities have an employer identification number SCAM ALERT—Some of the IRS’s Favorites:

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September 25, 2019   |   0
Prizes Are Taxable?

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As a high school student discovered in the Conyers case. A car dealership held a competition for high school seniors who had perfect attendance and/or good grades.  Schools submitted names of qualifying students and the dealership held a drawing for a new car. The student accepted the new vehicle, but didn’t report the income on Prizes Are Taxable?

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