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November 9, 2021   |   2021

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    Congress is still hammering out provisions of the Build Back Better plan. Some provisions have been modified and other provisions have been removed. The bank reporting of deposits of $600 or more have been changed to $10,000 or more (contacting Congress DOES change things?!).  So looking to those things that are already determined MUSICAL CHAIRS & 2021 TAX RATES

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June 27, 2019   |   2020
I Didn’t File My Taxes . . .What Now?

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Yes, it’s after April 15th. However, “forgetting” to file isn’t fatal if it’s addressed quickly. This article is limited to individual Federal Tax filing requirements. State and cities may have additional tax filing requirements. Question 1: Is filing Federal Tax Return required? Not required  for self employed taxpayers with income under $400.00 OR For taxpayers I Didn’t File My Taxes . . .What Now?

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