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Tax Season and Congressional Legislative Update
May 11, 2022   |   2022 tax year, Editorial, Form 1040, IRS, Legislation, Legislative Update, Refund

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No new tax legislation seen yet. . .  After tax season housekeeping:

Refunds: Running 3-4 weeks. To check the status of your Electronically filed tax return/refund:
Phone : 1-800-829-1040 or (call early in morning)       Online: www.irs.gov/refund

IRS will NOT release refund information to tax preparer.

Ohio refund may come before Federal or IRS refund. Ohio has fewer returns to process.

IRS is sending out Identity verification letters for some taxpayers because their IRS datafile information  has changed.  Refund will be released after taxpayer provides IRS requested information.

2021 IRS Refund amounts. . May be different than what shows on your 2021 tax return IF:

  1. Stimulus amount reported on  2021 return is different from IRS records (IRS will reconcile its numbers)
  2. Advanced Child tax credit reported on return is different that what IRS records show. . (IRS will verify Advanced Child Tax Credit Payments issued and payment amounts reports on tax return).
  3. Omitted items

If IRS “shorted you” either Stimulus (received Mid January -March 2021) or Advanced Child Tax Credit (received July-December 2021), then:

  •   Request an ACCOUNT transcript (careful, multiple transcripts available, need the correct one)
  • . If appropriate review with your tax preparer could:
  •  Request a trace
  •  Write a response. .

CONTACT YOUR SENATOR:  The Senate is starting debate on  the Women’s Health Protection Act of 2022. This Bill (not a law yet) makes Roe vs Wade (abortion, Right to Privacy etc etc) the law of the land. House has already passed it.

DANGEROUS LAW Regardless of views on abortion.  It gives a “Choice” for the pregnant woman, it TAKES AWAY Choice from citizens, States and the Medical Staff and Hospital. States can no longer limit or restrict abortion (or ensure that abortions are done in a safe environment). There is no religious or conscience exceptions for medical staff or religious hospitals.  Doctors and hospitals MUST perform abortions regardless of conscience, religious beliefs.
If the Bill becomes law it will increase Federal Authority. It will Trample on the US Constitution, Freedom of Speech and State Sovereignty.   Congressional Switchboard Telephone number (House/Senate): 202-224-3121  the operator will direct your call to correct Senator for your area.   Online:  www.House.gov  or www.Senate.gov

America is still a democracy yet. . . Act! Enacted laws have NEVER BEEN REPEALED.


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